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Good Morning America

Good morning America!


For all the americans, who can not sleep in the night, when i am sleeping.

My homepage is a very new one. And every morning i see, that you have visited my page

without any commentary.

My father met your dark pigmented people (who were coming originally from africa 300 years ago) in the year 1945. They gave him his first banana, his first blockchocolate, his first care paket and hies first Marshallplan. "These great dark men were all looking like Martin Luther King" my father told me.

But before he cold eat these lovely fruits from the USA he had many adventures with your soldiers.

At the age of 7 years, looking like a 4 year old boy, he hided together with his brother in a small wood because 7 US army tanks passed near this wood.They had seen my father and his brother, so they shouted with great fear: " Come out and let us see your hands." So my father was tough enough to go out. When the soldiers saw him , they were laughing. That was his first contact with the US-army.

The story goes on next ...(First I habe to write my science fiction story: "Orange moon". If you have interest, there are many translating programs in the net. My normal language is german/ deutsch.)

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